Marion County Criminal Defense Attorney

When you are charged with a criminal offense, your whole life changes. Not only must you defend yourself, you may lose your job and your reputation just by being charged. If you are in the midst of a divorce, or already divorced, custody of your children may become an issue.

The state has almost unlimited resources available when prosecuting you. If you are convicted, in addition to losing your freedom, you will forever have a criminal record. It may cause you problems in your career, securing housing or any type of commercial or consumer loan.

With so much at stake, you need the services of an experienced and dedicated Salem defense attorney with a track record of success. You need someone who recognizes that each case is unique and who is willing to listen to you without judgment. Although there are no guarantees in the law, you will find a zealous advocate in attorney Richard L. Cowan.

Over 40 Years of Experience in Criminal Defense

Salem attorney Richard L. Cowan has been focusing his legal practice on criminal defense for more than 40 years. He has handled every type of criminal case, both at the felony and misdemeanor level, with an emphasis on sexual offenses and DUII.

What is the difference between a misdemeanor and a felony?

  • Misdemeanors. If a criminal charge carries a penalty of one year or less in the county or local jail, it is classified as a misdemeanor. These can often be resolved with negotiation.
  • Felonies. Any criminal charge that carries a penalty of more than one year in a state or federal prison is a felony. Some felonies carry a sentence of up to life in prison plus a hefty fine and/or restitution. There are some felonies for which the penalty is death.

Attorney Cowan’s goal is to achieve the best possible outcome for each individual client based on the specific facts unique to each case. If that means negotiating for reduced charges or a lesser penalty, he is an experienced negotiator and will not settle for less than what is fair and just. If taking your case to trial is the best choice, he certainly knows his way around the courtroom. You will be pleased to have him by your side fighting for your freedom.

Do Not Speak to Anyone Until You Contact Attorney Richard L. Cowan

It is vital that you do not speak to anyone, law enforcement, family members or friends, until you speak with your attorney. Whatever you say to them can later be used against you in your case. Contact attorney Richard L. Cowan as soon as possible at (503) 585-3351. His office is in Salem and he serves those in Marion, Polk, Linn, Benton and Yamhill Counties.

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