Richard L. Cowan

Richard L. Cowan, Attorney at Law, is a Marion County Criminal Defense attorney who is also a lifelong Oregon resident. He obtained his Bachelor of Science degree from Portland State University in 1974. He was then accepted to the University of Oregon School of Law where he earned his J.D. degree in 1977.

In September 1977, he was admitted to the Oregon State Bar and began his practice of law. He opened his own legal practice in 1978 and has been working since that time in his chosen fields of law which include:

  • Criminal defense.
  • DUII defense.
  • Civil Rights litigation.

Richard is a lifetime member of the Oregon Criminal Defense Lawyers Association and the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, both organizations have similar missions to assist criminal defense attorneys as they work to ensure justice and due process for all those who have been accused of committing crimes or other types of misconduct.

He brings additional legal experiences to his analysis of cases having served, in addition to his role as a criminal defense attorney, as a deputy district attorney, a Circuit Court Judge Pro Tem (in twelve of Oregon’s thirty-six counties), an arbitrator, an expert witness, and a juror.

He brings additional personal qualifications having served as a founding board member of Cascadia Behavioral Health Care the state’s largest and most integrated mental health care provider from its beginning in 2002 to the present. He served as a basketball and soccer official for many years. Finally, he is a retired veteran with twenty-two years of service.

He recognizes that there are serious lifetime consequences of a criminal or DUII conviction and works steadily to obtain acquittals. When this is clearly impossible, he will do everything within his power to minimize consequences, including seeking reduced charges and decreased jail or prison time.

Salem Attorney Richard L. Cowan is a Zealous Advocate with a Track Record of Success

There is no way to predict any specific outcome in a legal proceeding; however, your chances of prevailing increase when you are represented by an experienced, zealous advocate with a track record of success. Richard is just that attorney.

He has more than 40 years of criminal defense experience and has represented thousands of clients. He has negotiated settlements in hundreds of cases when it has been in the best interest of his clients to do so. He has tried many felony cases and knows his way around the courtroom. As for those charged with DUIIs, he has successfully represented hundreds at administrative licensing suspension hearings.

He knows when to negotiate and he knows when to battle hard at trial. He is dedicated and trustworthy. You cannot go wrong by choosing him to stand beside you to defend you against the powerful state prosecution team.

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The office of Attorney Richard L. Cowan, Attorney at Law, is located in Salem. He serves those throughout the entire state, particularly those in Benton, Linn, Marion, Polk and Yamhill Counties.

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